Back in 1994 we decided to diversify a bit and we bought our first 3 Bison (commonly referred to as American Buffalo). We were attracted not only by the low fat and high protein of the meat, but by the native aspects of these majestic animals. Bison meat is more expensive because the animals take a full year longer to raise to market weight, and require much better fencing and facilities for handling.

We believe in raising all of our animals to market weight the natural way. They are fed hay and grass grown on our farm. We have never used chemical pesticides on our crops and we stopped using chemical herbicides and harmful fertilizers in 1993.

Our meat is processed by a state inspected packing plant as required by law. It is aged to insure tenderness and flavor and then quick frozen at the time of cutting. We bring it back to the farm still frozen and store it that way until we sell it to you. This insures the freshest flavor and the safest meat we can possibly supply. Be assured we keep in close contact with our processor and visit frequently to protect the quality of our product.

Kummrow Farms sells Clean Food:
We will sell our meat by the side, split-side, or by the single cut or package. Advance reservation with a deposit is required for a side or split-side, and there may be a short waiting list. This enables us to offer you the option of having your order custom cut to your very own specifications.


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