Procedures Include:

  • No animal by-products fed to animals
  • No human sludge used on the fields
  • No growth hormones or steroids
  • No inhumane treatment of animals
  • No antibiotics in feed or given to the animals unless it's to save a life
  • No genetically modified cattle
  • No irradiation of meat
  • No artificial breeding or embryo transfer
  • All animals 100% grass and hay fed
  • All animals grass finished

Battle Creek Beef is the name we gave to our newly expanded natural beef business in 1993 (Battle Creek runs through our property). We had always raised a few animals for family and close friends and knew we had a superior product. In 1994 we decided to share our beef with the general public and Battle Creek Beef was born.

Our herd bulls are now Murray Grey. This breed is highly fertile, very efficient on feed and grows and finishes well on grass.  We know how to raise healthy animals and want control of their health from the time they are born. Our calves are not routinely fed antibiotics and we NEVER resort to hormone implants.

We will only feed our steers until they reach an optimum weight, so we end up with a lean instead of "fat" animal.


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